The Dharma Center of the Los Angles Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple offers Dharma gatherings such as classes, seminars, and workshops in General Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu Buddhism for those who are new to the Buddhist concepts and continuing education for those already learning the Truth of the Buddha-Dharma to live teachings each moment in the Teachings.


Learning the Buddha-Dharma is a lifelong process. It constitutes the very core of the Buddhist approach to one’s life. We always set boundaries in our world by our limited knowledge and thoughts. However, the embodiment of the Buddha-Dharma enables us to awaken to the Infinite World of Wisdom and Compassion of Amida Buddha. Let us all listen to the Buddha-Dharma and live in the teachings daily.


If you have any questions about study classes, lectures, and education programs, please contact us at (213) 680-9130 or nishidharmacenter@gmail.com

5 Years' Theme from 2020-2024

   2020: Buddha’s Wish: Vow of All the Buddhas Saying the Name 

                                                                  (17th Vow, Chapter on Practice)



 2021: Buddha’s Wish: Vow of the Sincere and Entrusting Mind 

                                                                  (18th Vow, Chapter on Shinjin) 



 2022: Buddha’s Wish: Vow of Necessary Attainment of Nirvana 

                                                                  (11th Vow, Chapter on Realization)



 2023: Buddha’s Wish: Vow of Immeasurable Light 

                                                          (12th Vow, Chapter on True Buddha and Land)


               850th Anniversary of Birth of Shinran Shonin

                    800th Anniversary of the Establishment of Jodo Shinshu Teaching


 2024: Buddha’s Wish: Vow of Immeasurable Life 

                                                          (13th Vow, Chapter on True Buddha and Land)