Girl Scout Troop 12135

Parent's Guide

Parent's Promise

On my honor I will try:

  • To share my daughter's new interest
 and show appreciation for her efforts
  • To live up to the Promise and the Law
  • To give her opportunities to practice
her new skills at home
  • To attend the troop events to which
I am invited
  • And to support Girl Scouting by
Working for and Contributing to
Activities and funds that make
Scouting possible in our community.

Temple Promise

  1. Each member of our Girl Scout Troop and her family agree to respect the traditions and practices of Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple.
  2. Members are obligated to participate in mandatory Temple events, as required by the Affiliated Organizations of the Temple. (Article IV, Los Angeles Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple Scouting Program By-Laws). These events include but are not limited to: Temple Clean-up, Garden Clean-up, Obon Festival, and Yakisoba: fund-raiser.

Parent Committee

  1. Parents are expected to attend Parent Meetings. These meetings are held on the 4th Friday of each month. Occasionally, the meeting will be held on the 3rd Friday due to holidays or special events. Advance notification will be given if the meetings are changed from the 4th Friday.
  2. At the Parent Meetings, the Girl Scout Leaders apprise parents on activities and lessons the Troop Members worked on during the month. Parents and Leaders discuss outings, awards and activities. They work together to solve problems and address concerns.
  3. Parent committees are formed to organize the parent involvement for our fundraisers, celebrations and Temple commitments. Each family must participate on at least one committee, unless they are an elected Parent Committee Officer. Committees are created for the Halloween Party, Nuts and Calendar Sale, Cookie Sale, Obon, Garden Clean-up, Yakisoba, Temple Clean-up, and Hospitality for Scout Related Functions.
  4. The Parent Committee Officers oversee the basic functions of the troop. These positions are: Chairperson, Vive Chairperson, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Historian. The Chairperson is the representative for the Girl Scout Troop at Temple Board meetings, while the Vice Chairperson attends the Temple Affiliated Organization meetings. The Chairperson also presides at all monthly Parent Meetings.

Girl Scout Troop

Parents are encouraged to participate with their daughter(s) during meetings. This is especially true for parents with younger girls in the Brownie or Daisy programs. Each level has its own parent meeting, which parents are strongly encouraged to attend.

Fund Raisers

Our troop activities and outings are funded by two major Girl Scout Council fund-raisers and one Temple fund-raiser during the year. They are our Nuts and Calendar Sale which takes place during October/November and our Cookie Sale which occurs in February/March. These fund-raisers are organized through the efforts of Parent Committees.


The success of these fund raisers, due to the efforts of all of our Girl Scout families has allowed us to support troop activities and to cover expenses. Costs include materials for Troop projects, badges and outings.


Dues are collected by each level to pay for weekly meeting supplies and activities.