48th Annual Wanjettes Basketball Tournament

Thanks to this year's teams and participants. See you next year!

 Wanjettes Contacts

Email will be forwarded to contact


Temple Rep  Lisa Ikkanda
JAO Rep  Jessica Chu 

Tournament Contacts

Kaz Kayoda: Grades 2-8

Jessica Chu: Grades 9-12

Kristen Wong: T-shirts

Lisa Yasuda, Trisha Tsuno, Karen Slider

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Tournament Divisions - PDF Schedules and Rosters

Lower Midget

Bruins Rainbow Warriors

Jetts Sweet Elite

Tigers Wild

VFW Supersonics

Lower Midget
Adobe Acrobat Document 78.1 KB

Upper Lower Midget

Jetts Supersonics

Love & Tigers

Mystics Tigers

NYS Phoenix

Saberettes Golden Bears

VFW Heart and Hustle

Wanjettes Rainbow Warriors

WLA Herricanes

Upper Lower Midget
Adobe Acrobat Document 83.4 KB

Middle Midget

F.O.R. Wonder Girls

OCBC Fireworks

Pasadena Bruins Incredibles

VFW Truth

Middle Midget
Adobe Acrobat Document 78.2 KB

Upper Midget

F.O.R. Sparklers

Mustangs Stars

Tigers Swish

SOC Sparks

Upper Midget
Adobe Acrobat Document 77.8 KB


Mustangs Lei-Ups

NYS Blue Starz

Tigers Blitz

Venice Sparks

Wanjettes Dunkaroos

Wanjettes Slammerz

Adobe Acrobat Document 66.9 KB