Sunday Service starts at 10 AM. You are welcome to join.

If you'd like to join online Sunday, please email at 

2023 Nishi Betsuin Obon T-Shirt

 We will also be selling Obon T-shirts this year. 

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2023 Nishi Betsuin Obon

2023 Obon Festival is around the corner in July. Here are the latest updates.  

Paso Almonds Sale by DST

We will be having our July fundraiser again with the deadline Saturday June 9, 2023. Pick up will be at Nishi Obon at the Paso Almonds booth on Saturday July 8 between 3:30 to 5:00PM. Please note that prices have increased due to inflation. Brittle 16oz from $15 to $16, Sweet Hots 16oz from $15 to $16 and Brittle Corn 10oz from $9 to $10. We will not be selling 5oz for this fundraiser.  Please make checks payable to: LA Dharma School Teachers. 


2023 Tri-Temple Seminar

Outdoor Concert Fundraiser featuring ABAsonics

LA Betsuin Adult Buddhist Association's band; ABAsonics, will perform for a fundraiser event on June 3rd. Administration is $15 (kids 12 & under is FREE). Please bring your chair, food, drink, and snacks. Besides the concert, a game will be played for winning prizes! RSVP:


Los Angeles Buddhist Coordinating Council is preparing for this year's camp. You can find information for registration and fundraiser events to help the campers on the LABCC official website  (  LABCC Flower Sale Fundraiser 2023 (

Mother's Day Sale by GST 12135

Nishi Betsuin's Social Media


The following accounts are our official Social Media Accounts. Please follow them!


Nishi Betsuin's Instagram starts

Nishi Betsuin's official Instagram account was launched. Please follow @la_nishihongwanji ! (4/14/2023)

Pancake Breakfast by BSA Troop 738

Dharma Gatherings [Spring Session]

Registration Fee is indicated on the flyer. (cash/check only) Please register at (3/26/2023)

Our Cultural clubs

There is a variety of cultural clubs under Nishi Betsuin such Taiko, Judo, Aikido and etc. They seek new students who are interested in practicing together to nurture the inner spirit. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in them. >>>> "ACTIVITIES"  (3/26/2023)

BCA Summer Youth Retreat

BCA Youth Retreat will be held from 6/25 to 7/1, 2023. Here is the promotion video clip, and if you're interested in, you can visit  (3/5/2023)

2023 Memorial Service Schedule

2023 Hoji-Memorial Service Schedule
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Here is the calendar for the 2023 Hoji-Memorial Service Schedule for your reference.  (11/4/2022)