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The Nishi Hongwanji Los Angeles Betsuin has been serving Southern California since 1905. It  belongs to the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha, one of the largest denominations of the Pure Land stream of Mahayana Buddhism. As a Betsuin, our temple is a direct branch of Nishi Hongwanji-ha in Kyoto, Japan. It is also one of 62 temples affiliated with Nishi Hongwanji in the mainland United States.

Like all schools of Buddhism, we emphasize that the source of our problems comes from rational causes and not supernatural sources. The solution to our suffering also comes through wholesome and prudent living amidst the web of causes and conditions which is the Universe. Our ultimate goal is thorough awakening to the profound Oneness of all life. Our path is centered on the relaxed but reverent saying or thinking of the name of Amida Buddha, the Enlightened One of Vast Wisdom-Light and Endless Life.

The saying or thinking of such phrases as "Namo Amida Butsu" ("I rely upon the source of measureless wisdom and unending life") is something we share with hundreds of millions of other Buddhist in hundreds of distinct denominations. The natural, non-anxious, trusting way in which we say or think this utterance is, perhaps, characteristic of our denomination.

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William Briones

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August 30-31
So. District Jr. YBA Conference
September 1
So. District Jr. YBA Conference
September 1
Labor Day (Betsuin Closed)
September 7
Dharma School Registration
September 20
Fall Ohigan Seminar
September 21
Fall Ohigan Service
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