Sunday Service 日曜礼拝

Sunday Service starts at 10:00 a.m. in the main hall, Hondo. This is open to the public. Please check in at the front.


Service Order

Kansho: Hering Meditation with the Ringing of the Bell

Opening Remarks

Reciting Buddhist sutra (Juseige_Service Book on page 62)

Three Treasures/San Kie Mon (Service Book on pages 3 & 4) 

Dharma Message by the ministers in both Japanese and English


Closing Remarks_ Thank you for your participation


*Sunday Service is open to public. Online participating is available via Zoom.

*Followed by Dharma School Classes for Children


Let us all together to practice and listen to the Teachings of the Buddha.

If you have any quesions, please contact us at

Jōdo Shinshū Service Book.pdf
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Buddhist Etquette
Buddhist Etiquette.pdf
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Funeral [So-gi] 葬儀

FUNERAL SERVICE: A funeral service has its own important unique meaning. Attending a funeral service is not only to pay our final respects to the deceased but also to express our gratitude for Amida Buddha's Wisdom and Compassion that sustain us constantly in our daily lives. A funeral service is also an occasion to hear the true teachings of the Nembutsu and to become aware of the truth about life and death.


Basic Service Order

Kansho: Hearing Meditation with Ringing of the Bell

Chanting in front of the Casket

Presentation of Dharma Buddhist Name

Voice Meditation with Chanting of Sutra

Offering of Incense by Family and Congregations

Gatha Singing

Opening Remarks and Personal History

Offering of Incense by Representatives


Gatha Singing

Memorial Dharma Message

Words of Appreciation by Family

Closing Remarks


Those who need any assistances and helps at difficult time, please contact us at (213) 680-9130 or

Meaning of Death
Meaning of Death.pdf
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Memorial Service [Hoji] 法事

MEMORIAL SERVICE: The memorial service is a precious opportunity for you, your family, and friends to listen to the teachings of the Buddha as well as an opportunity to remember your beloved ones. It does not matter whether you observe a memorial service before or after the memorial day. The most important thing is your feelings and attitudes while listening to the voiceless voice of the Buddha and the deceased.


Basic Service Order

Opening Remarks

Voice Meditation with Chanting of Sutra

Offering of Incense by Family

Memorial Dharma Message

Closing Remarks


If you need to make an appointment of the memorial service, please contact us at (213) 680-9130 or
2022 Hoji-Memorial Service Schedule
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Memorial Service Observances.pdf
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Wedding 結婚式

WEDDING CEREMONY: The Buddhist wedding ceremony is joyous, as well as a solemn event. The atmosphere of happiness and devotion, filled with Amida Buddha’s Compassion, make your wedding day truly memorable. Let us be a part of your most precious day as you begin a new life.


Basic Service Order


Praising Virtues of Amida Buddha (Chanting)

Introduction of Bride and Groom

Wedding Message

Exchange Vows

Exchange Rings

Presentation of Nenju and Offering of Incense




If you need any assistances to coordinate your wedding ceremony, please contact us at (213) 680-9130 or

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Same Gender Marriage
Same Gender Marriage.pdf
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